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otr OTR data of any kind
log Data that is not specifically as a scan
eg. 20121201_1106_lws.dat

Data structure consists of

token 1 > s token 2 > s token 3 > s(array) token 1 > s token 2 > s token 3 > s etc

where s is a sample for that token - this can be a single number or array. For each sample, all tokens are recorded on a new line. Values are separated by a single space ' '. eg: 'cbpmamp> 2031' or cbpmx> 123 32 4245 432 ....'. The tokens are

Token Values

This structure is contained within the Acquisition class. The Data class merely has the tokens as lists. When the data is read the data instance has each token as a subinstance. These contain a list of all the values in one big long list. If a scan was performed, this list must be chopped to be useful. This is done in the Analysis Class. At the start of each data file, there is an info> token that has details of what the data was for - i.e. a scan - how many steps, what step size etc so the data can be chopped up accordingly.



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