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  2.15pm Linac laser up to 40% to give enough charge in extraction line. GW saved 10nov18_1425.dat, fallback position file. Background very sensitive to excursions at QF11 and QD12. GW tuning these down then correcting down the rest of the line.
4.20pm Access. LD, LN go to visually check the positions of the OTRs. Very difficult to tune for low background, leading to suspicion that they weren't actually out of the way. All OTRs sitting low (although OTR3 not bad) and have to be moved by Javier - remote control not working so he has to be in the accelerator.

4.45pm Beam back on. No beam making it to the damping ring.

5pm Access. Japanese want to check there is nothing wrong.

5.30pm Beam on. Tuning for background.


Wirescans / Background

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