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20131004 Search for Smallest Scan

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  Nothing better in this shift. There is a quad scan, but the machine broke in the middle. If time, may be nice to look at.

20130226 Shift


20130225 Shift

H 20130226_0306_lws
V 20130226_0335_lws
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  This is small, but the fit's not wonderful - ie the wings aren't great. This is probably because of scan variation (higher charge) at that point, but mostly due to laser information not quite matching
H 20130226_0808_lws
V 20130226_0758_lws
sex 117.8 +2.40 -2.41
sey 1.11 +0.06 -0.06

This is the one.

  -- LaurieNevay - 04 Oct 2013
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