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Calibration Summary

  • Shows which BPM channels have been calibrated during this shift.

BPM Name Bunch X Y Comments
Separation (ns)


Files for Saturation/resolution Analysis.

  • All BPM Waveform should be recorded.

File name No Bunch Bunch Spacing (ns) Number of Pulses COMMENTS

Cavity Name: QD10AFF,

Direction: Y

  • FONT is kicking inter leaving bunch. One should able to see two different resolutions for alternative bunches.
  • As font is kicking the bunch, 100 pulses are recorded at each mover position.
  • Original position =
  • Number of Bunches: 2, Bunch Separation : 187.6 ns.
  • Number of pulses recorded : 100

Delta Mover Pos Mover readout Data file Comments


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