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Beam line simulation

BDSIM - Accelerator Beamline simulation tool

BDSIM is a Geant4 extension toolkit for beamline simulations.
BDSIM is a Geant4 extension toolkit for beamline simulations. This is used to study beam loss through out a machine and energy loss, which is particularly useful for detector background simulations for example for a laserwire or for predicting energy deposition in the cryogenic dipole magnets of the LHC.

Current work is towards developing BDSIM for the High Luminosity LHC Upgrade, which requires precise knowledge of energy deposition under new ATS beam optics.

Electromagnetic simulations and GdfidL

We have a license to run GdfidL, an electromagnetic simulator code designed for parallel computing, on our 40-node Faraday Cluster. This tutorial may be useful to those using GdfidL on the cluster.


Python Tracker

Experimental python tracking software
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