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Dan's Guide to Visiting CERN & Living in Geneva

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  You will need adapter plugs for Switzerland, the best way is to get a UK to Europe Adapter, and then a Europe to Swiss Apapter, putting the two together, I can never find a straight UK to Swiss one. Plus if you get a UK to Europe one while in the UK, the small shop next to the bank in building 500, sells Europe to Swiss Adapters.
Due to a tip I received, it seems you can now get UK to Swiss Plug Adapters by going to this Website.

UK Liaison

These people are your Friends!! If you want to live somewhere nice and not in a box, it is a good idea to be very polite and patient with them!!! They have a lot of people coming and going for LTA, so they are very busy people, but if you do right by them, help and co-operate with them, then they will do right by you too.

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