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Tutorials and tips that may come in useful

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  -- CallumKilby - 19 Jan 2016

UPDATE 4 Feb 2017 (correct address to access CERNbox)

If you want to access your CERNbox eos user area (e.g. /eos/user/c/ckilby), the address used is different to your ATLAS eos user area.

For ATLAS eos user area, use:


For CERNbox eos user area, use:


Example usage:

eos ls:

eos root://eosuser.cern.ch ls /eos/user/c/ckilby


xrdcp -r myFile root://eosatlas//eos/user/c/ckilby

-- CallumKilby - 23 Feb 2017


Job Transformations

- Want to use Reco_tf.py script
- Information about options
- Search for pathena to see an example to submit to the grid a Reco_tf.py job
Reco_tf.py -h
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