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Revision 510 Jun 2010 - MatthewRose

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META TOPICPARENT name="ServiceWork"
ServiceWork MatthewRose

Keeping track of tips etc. as I learn them

  • TrigEFCaloHypo
    • Removed RecEmTauRoI, StoregateSvc & SystemOfUnits from includes in header
    • Forward declared TrigTimerSvc
  • In, for example, TrigEFCaloHypo, can probably remove TrigTimerSvc, instead using base class. Look up IHistogramSvc, see if this can be done here too. Can remover RecEmTauRoi, CLHEP, StoreGateSvc, and use base class for TrigTimeAlgs. Any things only referred to as pointers can be forward declared, not inherited things.
  • Do these files need <cmath> and other stuff? -- MatthewRose - 08 Jun 2010
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