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In the John Adams Institute we have developed a lot of simulation capability in Geant4 and simulation of beam lines and this work was started by our former head of group Prof Grahame Blair. He started a code off in his sabbatical year to simulate beam lines in Geant4, which combined the particle physics and accelerator physics into one complete simulation. I have just started working on BDSIM and here is a snap shot of the first machine I constructed, although only in my mac's mind. The 3D image is of the ATF damping ring and ATF2 extraction line. The damping ring is the circular structure, an electron beam will spend 1 to 500,000 turns in there and then be kicked out into the straight section on the left. The ATF2 is a prototype of final focus system for the International Linear Collider or Compact Linear Collider.

I am pretty pleased with the result, next an animation... oh sorry physics ;-)


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