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PH4100 Major Project

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VBF; h-WW; W-all 160 4054 20k PYTHIA 2.83 pb fastsim_VBFhWW_m160_r4054_ntp.root 12/10/08
VBF; h-WW; W-all 180 4056 20k PYTHIA 2.54 pb fastsim_VBFhWW_m180_r4056_ntp.root 12/10/08

Analysing the data

The simulated data ntuples can be analysed with the help of an object-oriented data analysis package provided by CERN, called ROOT.

The actual data analysis code will be written by the student, in C++. I will provide you with template code to read in an ntuple, book some histograms, apply some event selection cuts, fill in the histograms and print them to file. (Files run_analysis.C, analysis.C and analysis.h)

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="pythia_6.3_decays_list_short.pdf" attr="h" comment="" date="1224329353" name="pythia_6.3_decays_list_short.pdf" path="pythia_6.3_decays_list_short.pdf" size="64150" stream="pythia_6.3_decays_list_short.pdf" user="Public.PedroTD" version="1"
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