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REF2014 Impact Case "Engaging the public with current research in Particle Physics"

Corroborating evidence

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2013

  • Copy of report by The Royal Society on the exhibition overall (including statistics): pdf
  • Website of the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2013 (including link to the Higgs exhibit web page): http://sse.royalsociety.org/2013/
  • Copy of the report by Birmingham University Department of Physics, with analysis of data collected via feedback questionnaires: pdf
  • Copy of the Guide to the Activities and Demonstrations developed by the RHUL group for the Higgs exhibit: pdf

BBC4 "Beautiful Equations" documentary

  • Copy of the Official viewing figures, by BARB (Broadcasting Audience Research Board): pdf

The Lost Lectures: "Finding the Higgs" talk, by Dr Boisvert (30 August 2012)

  • The Lost Lectures blog, on the night.
  • The video of the talk is freely available online: on vimeo, and also accessible from The Lost Lectures site
  • Screenshot of facebook post (and subsequent reaction) announcing video of talk being posted online (see also directly on facebook timeline, October 10, 2012)
  • Reaction on Twitter: the collected Tweets are available here

List of Outreach Lectures given by members of the RHUL Centre for Particle Physics

  • The list is available on this page

-- PedroTeixeiraDias - 25 Oct 2013


META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Top_10_BBC4_Programmes_-_BARB_Viewing_Data_for_Beautiful_Equations_BBC4.pdf" attr="h" comment="" date="1382721287" name="Top_10_BBC4_Programmes_-_BARB_Viewing_Data_for_Beautiful_Equations_BBC4.pdf" path="Top_10_BBC4_Programmes_-_BARB_Viewing_Data_for_Beautiful_Equations_BBC4.pdf" size="93371" user="ukap040" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Exhibition_2013_evaluation_for_exhibitors.pdf" attr="h" comment="" date="1382721661" name="Exhibition_2013_evaluation_for_exhibitors.pdf" path="Exhibition_2013_evaluation_for_exhibitors.pdf" size="91475" user="ukap040" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Exhibition_2013_evaluation_for_exhibitors.pdf" attr="h" comment="" date="1382961545" name="Exhibition_2013_evaluation_for_exhibitors.pdf" path="Exhibition_2013_evaluation_for_exhibitors.pdf" size="91463" user="ukap040" version="2"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Description_of_RHUL_activities_1.6.pdf" attr="h" comment="" date="1382722091" name="Description_of_RHUL_activities_1.6.pdf" path="Description_of_RHUL_activities_1.6.pdf" size="506034" user="ukap040" version="1"
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