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Stephen Molloy

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Research Interests

My primary research interests are in the field of electron beam diagnostics. In particular, highly accurate and stable measurements of the transverse position of the beam using rf cavities, as well as longitudinal (phase) measurements. One novel technique I have pioneered is the use of the parasitic fields induced in accelerating cavities to measure the transverse and longitudinal position of the beam, and to determine the internal alignment of these cavities.
In addition, I am currently involved in investigations of a new method to measure the transverse profile of the highly compressed bunches found in modern FELs.
At present, I find most of my time is involved in large-scale simulations of electro-magnetic effects inside large accelerating structures. For this, I have access to the NERSC facility in Berkeley, CA.
  Finally, a significant amount of my time is involved with computer modeling of relativistic electron beams, and in the development of my own, python-based, beam tracking software.
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