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Video recording

Useful for lucky imaging, solar limb measurements etc.

IC Capture.AS 2.0

  • Device (menu) -> Device Settings (dialog)
  • Properties (button)
    • Gain (radio button) off
    • Exposure (radio button) off
  • Video format (list) Y800
  • Frame rate (list) 3.75 Hz
  • Caputre (menu) -> Toggle recording info (dialog)
    • Codec
      • Container (AVI)
      • Uncompressed
        • RGB24
    • Settings
      • File name location
    • Information
      • Capture one frame from (15 for 15 Hz video)

testVideo.avi is an example movie (at 1 Hz)

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="testVideo.avi" attr="h" comment="" date="1317240839" name="testVideo.avi" path="testVideo.avi" size="17585664" stream="testVideo.avi" user="Public.StewartBoogert" version="1"
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