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Summer Bursaries 2008

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  • Title: "Studies involving the Off-Detector Receiver (ODR) card, part of the data acquisition system of a detector for a future accelerator"
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Supervisor: Dr V Boisvert
  • Student: David Voneshen, Vishal Panchal
  • Student: David Voneshen, Vishal Panchal, Siegfried Sheldrake
  • Brief description of project: This project would study the ODR card by designing and performing systematic performance tests involving different aspects of the ODR connectivity: network testing and configuration etc. There is also scope for possibly extending the test suite to emulate the next steps in the communication chain between the subdetector and the ODR card. For example by simulating messages exchanged between the ODR card the subdetector. These components would be central to the data acquisition system of a detector for a future accelerator (like a future linear collider for example). The project would involve mostly software programming in C (prior knowledge is an advantage, but not required), emphasizing communication with hardware components. The student would also have the opportunity to learn about the various detector possibilities for a future collider and their physics applications, as well as the physics goals of a future linear accelerator (Higgs studies, etc.).
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