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  Save this as something like tutorial.py and run it using python -i tutorial.py

Batching plots

Here's a quick bit of code to make a plot and save it straight to a file without making a window.
ROOT.gROOT.SetBatch(True)                  # Switch to batch mode
c1=ROOT.TCanvas( 'c1', 'Plot', 640, 480 )  # Make a canvas of size 640x480
c1.cd()                                    # Set the output canvas (lets us have several going at once)
tt.Draw("ElectronAODCollection.phi()")     # Draw the phi distribution of electrons in the AOD
c1.Print("plot.png")                       # Save the canvas as an image file (ROOT uses the extension given)

Some things to play around with

  • from PyAnalysisUtils import PDG Lets you use PDG. instead of remembering pdgIds. Cool feature -> PDG.root_names[-PDG.nu_mu] returns a string with the ROOT syntax for an anti-muon-neutrino.
  • import AthenaCommon.SystemOfUnits as Units Gives you a Units object with most units in the ATLAS base units. e.g. Units.TeV = 1000000.0
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