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Tim Brooks

First Year PhD Student - Supervised by Glen Cowan
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  h->GetXaxis()->SetNdivisions(105) -Sets tick number. Format is minor ticks per major one * 100 + major ticks in the axis, i.e. to divide into 13 major ticks with 5 minors each; use 500 + 13 = 513.

Adding multiple files with hadd

hadd usage:

Usage: hadd [-f] [-T] targetfile source1 [source2 source3 ...]
This program will add histograms from a list of root files and write them
to a target root file. The target file is newly created and must not 
exist, or if -f ("force") is given, must not be one of the source files.
Supply at least two source files for this to make sense... ;-)
If the first argument is -T, Trees are not merged
When -the -f option is specified, one can also specify the compression
level of the target file. By default the compression level is 1, but
if "-f0" is specified, the target file will not be compressed.
if "-f6" is specified, the compression level 6 will be used.
if Target and source files have different compression levels
 a slower method is used



In booking a tree the option Boost_AdaBoostBeta (Default=1) is "The ADA boost parameter that sets the effect of every boost step on the events’ weights"

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