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Tim Brooks

First Year PhD Student - Supervised by Glen Cowan

From Wikipedia's Tadpole article:
"The physics of tadpoles and the word tadpole was invented by Sidney Coleman. The editor was not satisfied, but he changed his mind once Sidney Coleman proposed spermion instead. [citation needed]"

My Links

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 Application servers are listed here: Application servers. For external use, linappserv1 acts as a gateway to the network, and is reasonably fast. Internally, linappserv0 is the fastest machine we have. linappserv3 & 4 are usually quiet, so good for running jobs that may take some time to complete. 1, 3, & 4 use 'Linux based on Scientific Linux CERN SLC release 4.8 (Beryllium)' while linappserv0 uses 'Linux based on Scientific Linux CERN SLC release 5.4 (Boron)'. All machine names can be accessed locally (e.g. ssh user@linappserv0) and those accessable outside can be found as X.pp.rhul.ac.uk (e.g. ssh user@linappserv1.pp.rhul.ac.uk).
The faraday cluster is controlled via machine ui1. Instructions for using the cluster are here: How to use the cluster. The cluster uses 'Linux based on RedHat Scientific Linux CERN Release 3.0.5 (SL)' which does not support current ATLAS software.
The faraday cluster is controlled via linappserv0. Instructions for using the cluster are here: How to use the cluster. The cluster can be used for ATLAS production. See my event generation page.

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