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Hot Pixels
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  • Focus_fit.png:

  • Angle_fit.png:
Mapping grating micrometer position to wavelength

  • Initiall two plot were made of cadmiums spectrum at 3.5 mm and 4.0 mm,
  • 3.5_4.0_pixel.png:

  • The pixel distance between the same peak in each frame was found to be 277.
  • By then finding the initial plot in nm, the pixel distance between the same peak could be subtracted to get the correct value as shown below:

  • 3.5_4.0_wavelength.png:
  • By then applying this across the all of the frames of the spectrum, the spectrum for cadmium was obtained, however the values are not quite correct:
  • Cadmium_spectrum.png:
 -- AshleaKemp - 02 Nov 2015

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