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Halogen Lamp

  • Use the better fit for calibration of the wavelength and see how plot turns out


  • The larger standard deviation of the residual plot could be a underestimation of error bar or an incorrect form of the equation
  • Make the bins of histogram smaller
  • Put each histogram on same plot
  • For estimating values use ($\mu - \mu_{0}$ ) and ($m-m_{0}$), where $\mu_{0}, m_{0}$ ar values at the middle fo the surface.
  • Start the next function from these values and set new parameters to zero.
  • Plot a series of individual plots instead of residuals

Error estimation

  • Take multiple frames of the line, take more at each exposure, note down cooler temp etc
  • mark the line that is being monitered, put bands on the plot e.g where the mean is and the Poisson error band comapred to the measured.
  • With the different exposures space logarithmically.

Line Fit

  • Put all of the fits onto one plot to see how they vary
  • Sort out the skewed Gaussian convolution

-- JosephBayley - 25 Nov 2015

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