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Before the Game

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  1. Kick-off. The ball need not move forward from a kickoff. Opponents must stand five yards away from the ball until it is in play. All other eleven-a-side rules apply: remember, you can score directly from a kick-off.
  2. Sliding tackles. No sliding tackles are permitted. This is dangerous play and will be sanctioned by an indirect free kick. This rule does not ban all slides. You may, for example, slide to keep a ball from rolling into touch so long as there are no opponents near the ball. Also, goalkeepers are permitted to go down in order to make saves.
  3. Interpretation. All matches must be played according to the referee's interpretation of the rules. It is the team captain's responsibility to make sure that his players know the rules.
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Qualification for KO stage

The top two teams from each group will qualify for the quarterfinals.
The final two teams will qualify as best runners up with the following criteria:

  1. Highest number of points
  2. Highest number of points in the matches between the tied teams
  3. Highest number of goals scored
  4. Lowest number of goals conceded
  5. Highest number of goals scored in the matches between the tied teams
  6. Lowest number of goals conceded in the matches between the tied teams

Knock out rounds

  • During the knockout stages in the result of drawn games will be decided by a penalty shootout, a coin toss will decide which team chooses to kick first or second
  • All 5 (6) players on the pitch at the end of the game must take one penalty before any player takes a second
  • Substitutes cannot take penalties
  • After the first round of penalties if the scores are tied the shootout will become sudden death
  • If a university has two teams in the semi-finals they will play each other
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