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  • Following our afternoon setting up Kstars in Ekos-INDI, we took some dark frames at ~-5 degrees C.
  • Below are plots of pixel frequency vs number of photoelectrons for 5,10 and 50 seconds respectively.
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  • Gaps between bins due to non-integer bin values I believe.
  • EDIT: correction to xlabel: should be number of ADU
  • 20181710:Darks
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  • attempted to fit Gaussian with the exclusion of hot pixels by using median_filter from scipy.ndimage
  • below are plots for three different exposure times of 0.1s, 10s and 300s respectively

  • Also plotted mu v t and sigma v t including error bars for the full range of exposure times at -10c:

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="-10c_0000.1s.png" attr="" comment="" date="1539873903" name="-10c_0000.1s.png" path="-10c_0000.1s.png" size="27241" user="zbvd104" version="1"
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