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This TOPIC is included from each users home topic page (eg. http://hostname/twiki/bin/view/JoeBloggs) and displays their account details using the meta-data stored in their home topic file. For this reason the ?raw=debug URL parameter must not be permitted for non-authenticated users because it displays the topic's meta-data. Which item are displayed depends on whether an authenticated user is logged on and if so who.

The motivation for producing this feature was to replace the default TWiki forms based approach which produces a table displaying the same information in the users' home topic using the meta-data record,

but permits no control over which items (eg. the user's loginname) are displayed to (eg. to non-authenticated users).

How to control which items in the table below are visible. ====================================================== (1) Items with the condition "0=0" are visible to everyone on the Internet who has access to this page. (2) Items with the condition "context authenticated" are only visible to registered & logged-on TWiki users. (3) Items with the condition "'Public.TWikiGuest' ingroup 'TWikiAdminGroup' are only visible to the TWiki Admin team.

See the file /home/tcrane/work/newtwiki/BrianTest.txt for an illustration of the syntax for doing this within a user's home topic, such that the user can adjust the visible items themselves.

Note: It is essential that the meta-data records of the form, are changed to, otherwise the will return a blank "User Item" field.

Tom Crane, Wed Oct 31 18:08:20 GMT 2012. -->

RHUL User Account Details

User Item Value
First Name Elena
Last Name Cukanovaite
WikiName ElenaCukanovaite
Titles Undergraduate - M.Sci.
Department Physics
Organization Dept. Physics, RHUL
Location Egham
Region Surrey
Country United Kingdom
Status Update  

META FORM name="Public.UserForm"
META FORM name="%25USERSWEB%25.UserForm"
FORM FIELD First Name FirstName Elena
FORM FIELD Last Name LastName Cukanovaite
FORM FIELD LoginName Loginname zxap014
Line: 57 to 57
FORM FIELD Location Location Egham
FORM FIELD Region Region Surrey
FORM FIELD Country Country United Kingdom
FORM FIELD Image Image
FORM FIELD Image Image 20150811_134739.jpg
FORM FIELD Status Update StatusUpdate  
FORM FIELD Information Information MSci Physics: 1st year, M.Sci., Full-time, Home: : Start 24-SEP-2012, end 31-JUL-2016: Student (Undergraduate)
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="20150811_134739.jpg" attr="h" comment="" date="1447173885" name="20150811_134739.jpg" path="20150811_134739.jpg" size="2632346" user="zxap014" version="1"
META PREFERENCE name="VIEW_TEMPLATE" title="VIEW_TEMPLATE" type="Local" value="UserView"
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