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2016 10 12 Installation.

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  • On entering server room, it's A rack straight ahead - they're not numbered so, it's 4th from right (1-counting).
  • Black & bright green coloured.

  • Physics GRID is on B rack, at far end - so relatively far away.

  • 1U space above - used for infiniband - other RHUL switches above that to top of rack
  • Installation 4 x 4U.
  • 6U free below our installation
  • RHUL servers below that - Nathan says these will be decommissioned soon - SB / KR to advise on timescale for possible expansion, ie reserve for planning purposes.


  • 9:30 start
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  • Computers are racked, but not connected to power / network.
  • Infiniband switch not installed or connected.
  • OCF agree to install infiniband switch.
  • Infiniband switch takes 1U but only half transversely. Current switch has 12 ports and all 12 used. To expand require extra switch - can link to first one.
  • Switch on top of setup - cables can be up to 30m long apparently, so within one rack, totally fine.
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