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List state of all compute nodes

The cluster is running SLURM job scheduler, responsible for allocating the resources requested for batch or jobs. A list of commands that can be used:
# sacct (displays job accounting information about active or completed jobs)
# salloc (allocates resources for a job in real time)
# sbatch (submits a job script for execution)
# scancel (cancels a pending or running job)
# sinfo -N -l (reports the state of partitions and nodes)
# squeue (reports the state of jobs)
# srun (submits a job for real time execution e.g. for interactive jobs)
# scontrol (For viewing and modifying Slurm configuration and states)

To update the status of one node (more info about scontrol command: https://slurm.schedmd.com/scontrol.html)
# scontrol update nodename=compute003 state=idle
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