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Centered on Vega

Synchronised with Maxim DL and Stellarium

Centered on Delta Cephei

No filter, 1s exposure.

With filters:

10s for blue

3s for green

3s for red

Sample frames taken using this estimate

Re-evaluate after finding max pixel count for sample frames in python (to get pixel max in range 55000 - 60000)

1.1s for focus filter

5.1s for green filter

3.3s for red filter

10s for blue filter

1s for no filter

10 repeat dark

10 repeats bias - no exposure time

5 repeat red, green, blue, focus, no filter

Dark frames have residual image leftover from prior frames.

Add in dark capture before true dark frame (suffix = Trash) to clear excess charge.

Didn't work - small pixel count - continued taking data


Telescope Set Up

  • Target Delta Cephei selected using Stellarium and AAVSO catalogs
  • Open shutters (ropes, pull apart, tie off ropes, motor control
  • Turn power on
  • Press power switch on telescope
  • Removelens caps
  • Point towards Vega
  • Line up with finer scope
  • Take continuous frames 0.1s
  • Center Vega in frame
  • Synchronise Vega with Maxim DL and Stellarium

Target Information

  • Pulsating Variable star, magnitude variation 3.5 - 4.4, Δm = 0.9
  • Period 5.4 days
  • Next maximum, 07/12/2013, 9:32
  • RA: 22h, 29min, 41s, Dec: 58deg, 29', 12"
  • From simulated light curve - expected Δm(max) = 0.26, expected Δm(min) = 0.01
  • From light curve of Delta Cephei, and time of next maximum, we believe the magnitude should be decreasing
  • Companion star HIP 110988 used as a reference star

Initial Observation of Delta Cephei

  • Centered on Delta Cephei - did not use Stellarium as could move telescope through the pole
  • Frames were taken using different filters, initial exposure times:
  • No filters - 1s
  • Blue filter - 10s
  • Green filter - 3s
  • Red filter - 3s
  • Took sample frames using this-set up, max pixel count was found using Python
  • Re-evaluate exposure time to ensure max pixel count was in the range 55000 - 60000
  • Re-evaluated exposure times:
  • Focus filter - 1.1s
  • No filter - 1s
  • Blue filter - 10s
  • Green filter - 5.1s
  • Red filter - 3.3s
  • Decided to take 5 repeats for each of these, and 10 repeats for Dark and Bias frames
  • Autosave feature was used to take a sample set of data
  • Residual image of Star found on Dark frames - low pixel count
  • Implemented a 'Trash' frame before the Dark frame to attempt to remove this -> some residual image still remained

Observation of Delta Cephei

  • Autosave feature took approximately 10 - 15 minutes to run
  • Approximately three runs were taken per hour
  • Delta Cephei was observed for 5 - 6 hours

Telescope Pack Up

  • Turn off coolers
  • Disconnect Camera
  • Disconnect Stellarium and Maxim DL
  • Put lens cap on telescope
  • Turn off camera
  • Turn off telescope
  • Put cover back on camera
  • Close dome shutters
  • Turn off PC monitors
  • Turn off lights and leave dome
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