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Log Book Entry No.87

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  • at 15:20 started taking 1 second dark and flat frames.
  • 15:50 began taking master bias, dark and flat frames.
  • Joined by Claire at 17:00
  • We started observing at6pm
  • We went Procyon and aligned the telescope using it.
  • We looked at the Beehive cluster but there were not enough stars.
  • We chose M39 cluster.
  • Taaking images in no, red, blue, green, luminance filters.
  • No filter: 60 sec exposure
  • Red filter: bad target
  • new targetr: ra: 2h43min07sec, dec:+47deg47arcmin01arcse3c
  • nf 30s rf 120s bf 120s
  • same cluster, new location: ra:2hr43min15sedc, dec:42deg49arcmin00arcsec
  • nf 30s, bf 120s, rt 60s. Blue ewass terrible.
  • new loc: ra: 2hr43min11sec, dec:42deg51arcmin30arcs
  • nf: 30s, bf:90s, rf: 90s.
  • new loc: ra 2hr43min21sec, dec 42deg56arcm50arcs
  • nf 90s, bf failed. The stars were too dim.
  • Finished at 21.31
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