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Log Book Entry No.114

Days, Calendar Created: 02 Nov 2016 14:21:49 Days, Calendar Last Revised: 02 Nov 2016 14:21:49 Person MatthewLast1 Text Bsc Project First Solar Observation

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  • Matthew Last, Rose Grey, S Boogert
  • ImagingSource DMK21AF04.AS
  • Aligned shadow at speed 9
  • Finderscope speed 5
  • IC Capture 2.4 to record images
  • Weather conditions - faint clouds & aeroplane contrails
  • Focus set using edge of Sun
  • No noticeable features observed (sunspots etc)
  • approx 15 seconds to traverse sun using speed 8x
  • No Filter - exposure set to 1/250s
  • Blue Filter - exposure set to 1s - images not very clear due to cloud photos retaken
  • Retaken Blue - exposure set to 1/7s
  • Green Filter - exposure set to 1.4s (green filter dirty)
  • Retaken Green exposure set to 1/15 s
  • Red Filter - exposure set to 1/35s
  • Error for Sun - taken 400 frames to measure variance, set expsure to 1/250 s
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FORM FIELD Subject Subject Bsc Project First Solar Observation
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