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-- SarahHughes - 13 Mar 2017

started at 4:15 Sarah Hughes, Lena Lenz, Alanis Cozens, Arianna Saba

cooled CCD to -10 deg

take two bias frames, using camera 1 (S-Big ST-8XME) before sunset

then took series of dark frames with camera 1 with different exposures up to 180s

repeat process for camera 2

take caps off

take flat images of sky with both camera, dust spots cooling fringes observed

slew telescope to capella, first target to sync camera(239 deg/80 deg Alt/AZ)(5 h 17 m 58.64s/+46 deg 0 m 42.0 s RA/DEC)

Too cloudy to take good pictures so we gave up

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