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Log Book Entry No.166

Days, Calendar Created: 21 Jan 2018 00:22:56 Days, Calendar Last Revised: 21 Jan 2018 00:22:56 Person RebekahChafer1 Text MSci Fourth Year Photometry Observation

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Date: 18/01/18

Academic Present: Dr Laurie Nevay
Students Present: Luna Borella, Rebekah Chafer
Weather Conditions: Clear
Time: 22:40 - 1:50
Targets: Betelgeuse & Pleiades Cluster in RBG filters

Cameras Used: SBIG ST 8XME(camera 1) and SBIG ST-8300M(camera 2)
Both cooled to -20deg

Telescope already synchronised, moved and focused on Betelgeuse. Target too bright for filters. Kept saturating.

Moved to a new target, the star, Bellatrix. Again too bright for filters.

Moved to another new target, HIP26594. 15 images taken for all three filters RBG, exposure time 1.5s.

Then moved to the Pleiades, in narrow view camera (camera 1). We took ten images in each filter with exposure time 10s. And we took ten images in each of the green and blue filters with exposure time 40s.

We switched to camera 2, a wide view that could take an image of the whole cluster. The image is inverted in camera 2. We took 20 images with exposure time 0.4s with no filter.

Images of Pleiades zip file:

Images of HIP26594 zip file:

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