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Article text.
People present: AA, JRD, TS, RDB, LA
  • Planned to meet at 5:30pm at entrance to dome. Entered dome and started process 17:30
  • Weather conditions were unfavourable, with patchy clouds overhead.
  • Local Siderial Time found to be 4:36:33
  • Longitude of Egham found to be 0.5479
  • Stellarium program has been opened
  • Launching Maxim DL 5
  • CCD temperature set to -20 degrees Celsius.
  • Telescope has been turned on.
  • Taking GPS fix *Aligned to Rigel, took image with 4s exposure and 3x3 binning (RA: 5h15m32 Dec:-8 10'05) *Attempted to target Eridani 40 at (RA:4h11m48 Dec:-7 31' 08) *Took images at 1x1 binning with exposures of 2s and 20s
  -- Joe Russell Davis - 26 Feb 2020


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