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<-- Note: This is a custom copy of the LogBookHome topic in this (Public) web.
	   The normal/master copy of this topic resides in the SYSTEMWEB (ie. TWiki web) and is normally called from there by the LogBook in whatever web it resides.
	   The reason this copy was created is a workaround for a bug.  The bug arises from LogBook Entries which contain embedded LaTex code which is dynamically
	   evaluated when the topic is viewed.  The SEARCH{} variable used in this topic, searches through content in the logbook entries topics to generate the logbook's
	   table.  Unfortunately, when logbook entries are searched from here the LatexModePlugin will attempt to dynamically create the LaTex .png files and append
	   the file attachment metadata (ie. %META:FILEATTACHMENT{} to the LogBookHome topic in the SYSTEMWEB.  Unless the viewer has CHANGE access on the
	   SYSTEMWEB (eg. is an Administrator), the view attempt will fail with,
		"Access Denied"
		"Access check on LogBookHome failed. Action "CHANGE": access not allowed on web."
	   By having this copy reside in the same web as the the logbook& its entries topics means users with VIEW access to the logbook should also have CHANGE access
	   to this topic to allow the file attachement metadata to by appended to this topic by the LatexModePlugin.
	   T.Crane, Mon 25 Jul 02:42:17 BST 2016.
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