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-- MarkWard - 27 Sep 2017

Previous Logbook



  • Set a new personal best, passed 1,104,516,000s breathing in and out... (thank you for the cake yesterday!)
  • Fixed a couple small bugs with rawAna on friday, does not require there to be triggers in order to export CCD images (weird logic mistake in one of the flags)
  • Made a new Drawings page for DMTPC -> its a good repository and source of drawings
  • There are a few different versions of the parts, although I have converted a batch of them into pdfs that i think are the latest/important ones
  • We have 3d models of some of the parts, these have been incorporated into our DMTPC + HPTPC drawings
  • A week of drawing and lab work planning (See Zac and Harrison)
  • Rails have been smoothed (a little) and ready to be re-mounted
  • Hydraulic pump is to be relocated on the windowsill, (to be done)
  • Made a drawing of DMTPC Amp Assembly with rail mounts, inside the HPTPC profile for comparison DMTPC_in_HPTPC.pdf
  • Made new rail designs for the support stand
  • SupportStand_Drawingv1.pdf
  • Machine Shop status
    • Machinest who works the CNC is back next week, lots of the prep work has already been done, (so lots of blocks have been cut etc) just the features need putting on them
    • Support stand parts have been pushed to the top of the list, so we can finish the stand and then start mounting other parts (when they come)
  • HPTPC arrival video - sorry - no music, but... like and substribe to my channel wink (shameless plug) https://youtu.be/bcbzPKV3uCg
  • Plan for the rest of the week is to prepare to close, we have i believe all the parts we need now, and can get going on it (Lifting hardware, lube for the legs... etc)


  • Prepared the lab for arrival of HPTPC, Involved taking apart DMTPC and making space for requipment.
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="DMTPC_in_HPTPC.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1510144317" name="DMTPC_in_HPTPC.pdf" path="DMTPC_in_HPTPC.pdf" size="123072" user="udap005" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="SupportStand_Drawingv1.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1510145697" name="SupportStand_Drawingv1.pdf" path="SupportStand Drawingv1.pdf" size="174265" user="udap005" version="1"
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