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-- MarkWard - 27 Sep 2017

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  • Complete DMTPC and HPTPC internal comparison drawings, for design consistancy
  • Adriana and I spent a full day preparing/repairing HPTPCs feet, removing burring on the screw threads such that the feet can be put down.
  • Learnt about being a contortionist
  • Levelled the vessel and adjusted the height of the end cap such that it can be married up to the vessel
  • Sealed vessel using screw clamps only
  • -> Hydralic pump is 3 phase -> in the process of aquiring a plug and cable for it to get wired up
  • -> outer hydralic line is the return (open) so for now that cut is less critical
  • Worked on friday with the team to do final cleaning of flanges and sealing of vessel for pumpdown
  • Friday pumped down (at 6pm) to approximately 600mbar -> pump overheat -> Suspected and confirmed from manual
  • Monday, DMTPC slowcontrol and DAQ online for Will and Kulveer, not ideal locations and need to relocate the NIM crate to give cooling to the digitizers.
  • Monday, completed pumpdown to 3x10^-2mbar by throttling the inlet of the pump and opening fully when at about 50mbar
  • Ultimate pressure after an overnight pumping period 1.7x10^-2 mbar, roughly matches the pump spec or what is expected
  • 3x10^-3 mbar l/s rate of rise from first test.
  • 1.4x10^-3 mbar l/s rate of rise second test after an over night pumpdown.
  • have attached Turbo from the one shooter camera - pump has not been used for a long period so needs to be 'dried/conditioned' cant reach full speed while isolated.
  • Found documentation for RGA, will prepare to use it/give a tutorial. The system is a pumping stand with independant RGA so will need a little read-up.


  • Set a new personal best, passed 1,104,516,000s breathing in and out... (thank you for the cake yesterday!)
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