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-- Public.MarkWard - 27 Sep 2017

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  • Wednesday last week - Opened vessel, removed, inspected and cleaned the inner vacuum seal o-ring. Made notes of several problematic locations on the sealing flange.
  • Pump down was successful but reached a similar ultimate pressure as previously.
  • Thursday - Software face to face at imperial, outlined software tasks etc. My main short term goal is to get two PCs in place for the purpose of hpdaq and hpslow. - I have assigned rowan and lab-dm-009 for the task, and am finalising details of having independant control and new addresses for these PCs with PP-sysadmin, should be done soon and then we can do what we like with said machines.
  • Friday last week - installed a pump out line from the seal pump out port, set the system in motion
  • More discussion with workshop of parts for the field cage, hammered out a few final touches.
  • Minimum Pressure after weekend pumpout is 1.83x10^-4 mbar
  • Deavtivating the pump and opening the pump out port causes similarly large rise in pressure as observed before. So, still leaking badly frown
  • Pump out re-initiated - Ultimate vacuum 1.83x10^-4 mbar
  • Performed a 3 stage test
    • Isolate Pump out port
      • No change in pressure after 5 minutes
    • Isolate Whole system
      • Rate of rise 3.8x10^-4 mbar l / s
    • Pump on port but not the vessel
      • Rate of rise 6.9x10^-5 mbar l / s
  • Indicates that the impact of the silicone seal being the primary vacuum seal is a rate of about 3x10^-4 mbar l / s unless there is another o-ring that is causing an issue.
  • We have our hardware for mounting 2 rings on the test stand
  • We have our commando power plug - has been handed off for mounting (Along with Cable), need to poke Hakim to mount things
  • Iv left the two remaining hydraulic lines off so the cable can be easily mounted.


  • Turned around drawing updates for a smaller TPC volume (slight reduction of radius), communicated the changes with the worksop
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