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-- Public.MarkWard - 27 Sep 2017

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  • hpdaq and hpslow have a fresh install of SL6 to match m3daq and m3slow. Online and SSH accessable at hpdaq.pp.rhul.ac.uk , hpslow.pp.rhul.ac.uk respectively. Pat is undergoing the process of compiling everything and making modifications to point things at the correct addresses, bring up web-services etc (update) is is now serving... a page, Patrick is ironing out any issues
  • Hydraulic clamps are fully operational, no leaks thus far, pressure is at roughly 150bar in the lines.
  • Energize the left hand side to open, right hand side to close.
  • Extra force on the flange improves ultimate pressure from 1.7x10^-4 to 1.45x10^-4 mbar
  • Leak rate/rate of rise improvement from 3.7x10^-4 mbar l / s to 5.9x10^-5 mbar l / s ~roughly factor of 10
  • Still need to assess if the vacuum seal is fully sealing
  • Investigating Readout/logging options for pressure gauges, WIKA (brand of our pressure gauge) have a RS232 addressable controller that has two channels capable of current loop operation (pressure gauge) and voltage monitoring (Vacuum gauge) - waiting on quote
    • Short term readout can be done via labview - we have a couple of different options to make things look presentable
  • Investigating use of a USB addressable Relay to control our valves. While the netbooter method works, it is overkill and we require more channels to actuate valves, it also requires an independant PSU per valve. I found a product for ~70 which will do exactly this, ships with its own front end for windows and Linux so in many ways can operate the same as we currently have but with 16 channels. Would require 1/2 PSUs to provide 24V power to it and all valves.
  • Waiting on Quote for Gas fittings, going to quickly scrummage around our lab to see if we can get something quick setup.
  • Need to make up a couple cables for valve acutation
  • Need to aquire a 27mm long socket for applying correct torque to the secondary clamps


  • Wednesday last week - Opened vessel, removed, inspected and cleaned the inner vacuum seal o-ring. Made notes of several problematic locations on the sealing flange.
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