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-- Public.MarkWard - 27 Sep 2017

Previous Logbook



  • Website up and running - 99% thanks to Patrick, I mostly was present trying to debug based on what little I knew of m3slow.
  • Preparation work for cables for valve actuation, see Zac and Adriana
  • Installation of all safety hardware and valves on the HPTPC vessel
    • Gas inlet/outlet valve
    • Protective valve for vacuum gauge
    • 5 barG burst disk installation
    • 6 barG burst disk installation
  • Should likely check with Sam if it was Gauge Pressure, or absolute... if the operating pressure is gauge pressure then we can run at 5barA quite easily and still be within the rules. Scientists typically like to work in Absolute pressure... for safety devices however, industry standard is gauge pressure.
  • Solenoids for piping compressed air to our valve actuators have all been tested and operate.
    • Note, these valves are gas pressure return, not spring return. It means that we must have outlets connected to a closed system in order for the valves to successfully close
    • This is confusing initially as all valves iv ever worked with were spring return.
    • Safety wise it is fine as,
      • If a valve is open, and we loose pressure, the solenoid valve will remain open, and the valve will close as result of pressure lost (same as if spring loaded)
      • If we reset the system in the above configuration, with the solenoid unpowered (but latched open) the solenoid valve will reach 2bar and snap closed.
      • Our valve actuators move at 5bar+
    • State : Have Pressure, no power
      • Valves close
    • State : No pressure, with power, valve open
      • Valves close
    • Results -> Lose power, or pressure, valves close -> Safe
  • Re-routed compressed air delivery -> It was leaking (Who'd of guessed that!), it is now tidied up and looks good rather than looking like an explosion in a piping factory.
  • Tested all valves... they all work
  • Connected HPTPC to the Gas board
  • Connected an N2 Bottle to the gas board at V1
  • Tested putting 2 bar pressure into the gas board and purging it, isolating and venting.
  • Need to do some finishing touches to the electrical cables for the valves and some relabelling of channels on the netbooter and we are basically good to go for control of the valves big grin YAY


  • hpdaq and hpslow have a fresh install of SL6 to match m3daq and m3slow. Online and SSH accessable at hpdaq.pp.rhul.ac.uk , hpslow.pp.rhul.ac.uk respectively. Pat is undergoing the process of compiling everything and making modifications to point things at the correct addresses, bring up web-services etc (update) is is now serving... a page, Patrick is ironing out any issues
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