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-- Public.MarkWard - 27 Sep 2017

Previous Logbook



  • Vessel preparation for insurance inspection was successful
    • Gas systems set up for remote control via netbooter
    • Control system set up by Patrick to sequence valves to open/close in sequence to perform venting and pressure adjustments
    • All glass ports etc installed
    • Gauges read out via a National Instruments BNC-DAQ interface
    • 4-20mA to voltage to pressure conversions performed via shut resister and hp-daq front end.
    • Pressure adjustment is controlled via the gauge installed with the vessel (Gauge pressure) pressure adjustments are done in absolute values however.
  • Vessel held pressure at ~5 barA for roughly 7 days and then began to drop in pressure
    • During Initial investigation we found a leak at the gas inlet on the swagelok fitting.
    • Tightening did reduce the leak rate, but not eliminate it.
    • Removed the part, cleaned up the fittings (remove oil and any debris)
    • Re-installed and pressurised, over night observation, vessel remains leaking! Gah!
    • 1.317mbar l / s before 0.814 mbar l / s after, so still leaking.
    • value_in_chamber_pressure_cdg_tmp1515578386.gif
  • Attack with more snoop!



  • Website up and running - 99% thanks to Patrick, I mostly was present trying to debug based on what little I knew of m3slow.
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