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-- Public.MarkWard - 27 Sep 2017
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    • Re-installed and pressurised, over night observation, vessel remains leaking! Gah!
    • 1.317mbar l / s before 0.814 mbar l / s after, so still leaking.
    • value_in_chamber_pressure_cdg_tmp1515578386.gif
  • Attack with more snoop!

  • Been over the vessel with more snoop over all external features, and even welds. Frustratingly nothing obvious is leaking
  • We noticed that the relief paths are little more than finger tight. This could be where it it is leaking, though it is odd that nothing is showing up with the snoop.
  • Another option is a pin-hole leak in the 6 Bar purst disk?,
  • The 5 Bar disk is an unlikely one for pin holes as it is backed up by the relief valve, the leak rate of which should be of order 10^-3 mbar l / s, not 1 mbar l /s
  • No leak is visible from the burst disk to the outside though the gap...
  • sigh


  • Website up and running - 99% thanks to Patrick, I mostly was present trying to debug based on what little I knew of m3slow.
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