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-- MarkWard - 27 Sep 2017
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  • Vessel backfilled with CF4 to 40mbar(30 torr), pressure reached before backfill was 8.44x10^-7 mbar
  • Drift field achieved and stable 3200V (compared to 2700V previously) Getting better smile can at do 100V/cm field at least.
  • Anode voltage frown Bottom left starts to spark at approx 0.5-1Hz when at a voltage of 650V, 50V short of where I usually try and take data to see how everything is behaving.
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  • Baseline Analysis,
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="hptpc_neutron00_020_078.png" attr="" comment="" date="1507109972" name="hptpc_neutron00_020_078.png" path="hptpc_neutron00_020_078.png" size="191247" user="udap005" version="1"
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