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-- MarkWard - 27 Sep 2017

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  • Prepared the lab for arrival of HPTPC, Involved taking apart DMTPC and making space for requipment.
  • Latter part of last week was a bit of a disaster having to make two trips to London to see the immigration lawyer
  • Got the vessel into the building! YAY, everyone knows what happened... it was an adventure.
  • CLEANING! lots and lots of cleaning, the vessel was extremely dirty on the inside (and outside)
  • Put curtains back on clean tent (required cleaning also)
  • re-plummbed the hydrolic lines on the vessel, had to tighten a few other fitting
  • Made inventory list of parts we recieved from Cryovac
  • Notes
    • All gas regulators have TIPOC inlet fittings, we will have to change this for relivent DIN/CGA fittings for use in the lab
    • Captured o-ring kf fittings are good for 10bar, note, we appear to have no spares!
    • Vacuum valve... if that is rated to 5 bar id be surprised. Looks like some random valve they found somewhere in the bushes. Part number is SA0150MVQF, technically rated between atmosphere and Vacuum
    • Chamber has 3 missing caps - they are plastic caps that have been taped on. All are KF40s, I think these were the ones used to pressure test with the HV feedthroughs.
    • We will probably want to put a steel brush pipe cleaner through the water drain and air release valves (top and bottom penetrations on the vessel) Both show corrossion and are generally hard to clean.


  • Lots of meetings with Sam / Cryovac, good news is that the vessel should 'should' be here today, keep fingers crossed.
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