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-- MarkWard - 01 Mar 2017


  • Several rebuilds with improvements to grounding and field cage attachment
  • Still no light frown
  • DSC_3975.jpg
  • Lens on the CCD was stopped down to f/5.6, cutting roughly 90% of its area
  • Opened lens wide to f/1.8
  • I now see light!
  • Took a series of 60 images, 2 second exposure and combined them to show how the source glows
  • All are 2x2 binning
  • A540_C100_E2_S60.gif
  • Z axis has been compressed to show the spread of light... This is at very low dift field.
  • A560_C050_E2_S60_z.gif

  • A560_C050_E2_S60.gif:

  • A560_C100_E2_S60.gif:

  • A560_C200_E2_S20.gif:
  • Strange how it seems the glow reduces with increased drift field... early days yet
  • Cross pattern is likely the alighment of the amplification region mesh.

  • Image of the Mesh... Patterns are in same directions as the mesh x and y

  • Finally some light!
  • Need to move the source... probably use a lower intensity source.


  • T111 appears complete, minor cosmetic things such as, cleaning the floor, some minor water work, looks like a lab!
  • Need to layout where things should go on the floor to organise space, power cables etc.

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="DSC_3975.jpg" attr="" comment="" date="1488369486" name="DSC_3975.jpg" path="DSC_3975.jpg" size="176832" user="udap005" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="A540_C100_E2_S60.gif" attr="" comment="" date="1488371029" name="A540_C100_E2_S60.gif" path="A540_C100_E2_S60.gif" size="82612" user="udap005" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="A560_C050_E2_S60_z.gif" attr="" comment="" date="1488371029" name="A560_C050_E2_S60_z.gif" path="A560_C050_E2_S60_z.gif" size="115032" user="udap005" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="A560_C050_E2_S60.gif" attr="" comment="" date="1488371029" name="A560_C050_E2_S60.gif" path="A560_C050_E2_S60.gif" size="19646" user="udap005" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="A560_C100_E2_S60.gif" attr="" comment="" date="1488371029" name="A560_C100_E2_S60.gif" path="A560_C100_E2_S60.gif" size="40424" user="udap005" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="A560_C200_E2_S20.gif" attr="" comment="" date="1488371029" name="A560_C200_E2_S20.gif" path="A560_C200_E2_S20.gif" size="144964" user="udap005" version="1"
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