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Note on using IPBus firmware

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 pip3 install https://github.com/ipbus/ipbb/archive/v0.5.2.tar.gz --user

-- Barry Green - 15 Jul 2020

# Cut from twiki with my comments on what I think is being done

ipbb init myFwArea #Creates new working area

cd myFwArea #Change to new working area

ipbb add git https://github.com/ipbus/ipbus-firmware -b v1.8 #download the firmware from repo into new working area

ipbb proj create vivado -t top_<board_name>.dep <board_name> ipbus-firmware:projects/example #Creates the project

cd proj/<board_name> #got to the project working area

ipbb vivado make-project #Create the project

ipbb vivado synth -j4 impl -j 4 #Synthesise the project

ipbb vivado package #Generate the bit file

Package stage filed due to lack of license for TEMAC

Request to Europractice for license

-- Barry Green - 17 Jul 2020

-- Barry Green - 14 Jul 2020 \ No newline at end of file
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