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Chat with Alexay notes:

  • Will air be a problem for Cherenkov radiation? - No as signal from metamaterial will be in reverse direction to extra background created by the in air setup.
  • Acquisition? We planned to use a spectrum analyser. Alexey pointed out that we wouldn't be able to take it into the tunnel - We might be able to use a cable to transport the signal outside the tunnel - Cable will be large cross-section from 10.5 GHz. How would we get this down to the tunnel?- Also Alexey pointed out that we would need a trigger. I asked Pavel about this, as usual, he is adamant that we don't and that the SA will just average. I need to look into this!!!!
  • Also, we could downconvert the signal to transport in a more standard cable. The mixer would need building and thinking about.
  • We could use an interferometer. But why if we are in the RF region!

-- TomVaughan - 17 Jul 2017

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