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META TOPICPARENT name="StewartBoogertPhotometry2016"
  • Simulation input (background and noise, Anisha)
  • Simulation (generate star field from coordinates and fluxes, Aaron)
  • Star finder (locate bright objects in frame, Laura)
Position Simulation, test 1 (100x100 pixels, 5 stars)


Position Simulation, test 2 (100x100 pixels, 50 stars)


 -- AnishaVadher - 04 Oct 2016

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="PositionSimTest1.png" attr="" comment="Star position simulation 1" date="1475585529" name="PositionSimTest1.png" path="Y:\PH4100\Images_s\PositionSimTest1.png" size="10613" user="zyva010" version="1"
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