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META TOPICPARENT name="StewartBoogertPhotometry2016"
-- AaronAndrews - 25 Oct 2016

To do by Friday:

  • Anisha:
    • Fit sqrt(sigma0^2 + lambda*t) to the fitted standard deviation as a function of exposure time plot
  • Aaron:
    • Simulate background.
    • Generate stars in fiducial volume around frame.
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* Histogram of a dark frame 0.1s exposure:

  • The fitted mean and fitted sigma as a function of exposure time:

  • The mean as a function of exposure time is linearly fitted with nu_0 + mu*t
  • Parameters obtained:
  • Nu0: 917.858645977
  • Mu: 0.0759400473796
  • The sigma as a function of exposure time is fitted with sqrt(sigma0^2 + lambda*t)
  • Parameters obtained:
  • Lambda: 0.0364088264173
  • Sigma0: 6.44315650804

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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="RandStarField1a.txt" attr="" comment="Generated star parameters for random star field 1a" date="1477558604" name="RandStarField1a.txt" path="RandStarField1a.txt" size="5543" user="zyva010" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="RandStarField1b.txt" attr="" comment="Generated star parameters for random star field 1b" date="1477558622" name="RandStarField1b.txt" path="RandStarField1b.txt" size="5536" user="zyva010" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="StarFinder.txt" attr="" comment="Star finding code" date="1477651799" name="StarFinder.txt" path="StarFinder.txt" size="3001" user="zyvb786" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="HistogramForDarkFrame0.1Exposure.png" attr="" comment="Histogram of a dark frame 0.1s exposure" date="1477657351" name="HistogramForDarkFrame0.1Exposure.png" path="HistogramForDarkFrame0.1Exposure.png" size="31582" user="zyva858" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="FittedMeanAsAFunctionOfExposureTime.png" attr="" comment="Fitted mean as a function of exposure time" date="1477657511" name="FittedMeanAsAFunctionOfExposureTime.png" path="FittedMeanAsAFunctionOfExposureTime.png" size="37015" user="zyva858" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="MeanAndSigmaAsAFunctionOfExposureTime.png" attr="" comment="The fitted mean and fitted sigma as a function of exposure time" date="1477658342" name="MeanAndSigmaAsAFunctionOfExposureTime.png" path="MeanAndSigmaAsAFunctionOfExposureTime.png" size="60688" user="zyva858" version="1"
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