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Log of Observation 1:

Academic Present: Prof S Boogert
Students Present: Rebekah Chafer, Luna Borella
Weather Conditions: Mostly clear, some cloud
Time: 17:00 - 22:20
Target: NGC869 & NGC884 Double Cluster

Cameras used: SBIG ST 8XME(camera 1) and SBIG ST-8300M(camera 2)
Both cooled to -10deg

Synchronised on Vega
RA/DEC: 18h 36m 56s/+38deg 47' 1''
Focused both cameras

Moved to target
RA/DEC: 2h 19m 0.01s/+57deg 07' 40.8''

Attempted to refocus on fainter stars - clouded over
Lost stars in camera.
Moved to Capella to refocus.
Returned to target.
Target was out of focus again.

This was because the focus of camera 2 was unstable in an upright position due to the weight of the camera. To fix, the camera was focused on other unidentified stars in the North East, and the focus was locked in place before returning to target.

Returned to target, refocused camera 1.
Took image with camera 1, exposure time 4s.
Took image with camera 2, exposure time 15s.

Images attached.

-- BekiChafer - 09 Nov 2017

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Observation1.zip" attr="" comment="Images of Double Cluster: Observation 1" date="1510235948" name="Observation1.zip" path="Observation1.zip" size="26820121" user="zavc984" version="1"
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