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Star Matching Algorithm

Original Image (simulated)


Adjusted Image moved in x-direction by 10 pixels:


Star Matching Algorithm then matches stars to one another by using fluxes and distance. More rigorous testing is required (larger adjustment of original image).


-- BekiChafer - 16 Jan 2018

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="StarMatchingAlgorithmTest.png" attr="" comment="Star Matching Algorithm Start" date="1516141535" name="StarMatchingAlgorithmTest.png" path="StarMatchingAlgorithmTest.png" size="28449" user="zavc984" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Original.png" attr="" comment="Simulated Image Original" date="1516141616" name="Original.png" path="Original.png" size="32003" user="zavc984" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="AdjustedImage.png" attr="" comment="Adjusted simulated image" date="1516141665" name="AdjustedImage.png" path="AdjustedImage.png" size="32026" user="zavc984" version="1"
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