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TrigMC software release coordination: PTD's logbook - page for July 2018

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  [ ] !NNNNN Title (opened by XYZ)


[ ] Release 21.5.7,Athena off 21.0-TrigMC,Athena,r2018-07-29T2139 (requested by John Baines)

10.07am John Baines has confirmed that he would like a release made out of 21.0-TrigMC,2018-07-29T2139. (Will start working on it as soon as my meeting with Adam - now - is over.)

11.40am Contact Oleg Kuprash, just to check he sees no impediment to making the above release. Started the Jenkins job to copy the nightly build files over to the CVMFS location, for installation.

12.13pm Oleg has given green light for the release. Will crete JIRA ticket now.

12.20pm JIRA ticket opened (ATLINFR-2549), assigned to Alessandro de Salvo.

12.59pm Have now also completed: tagging the new release, and updating the release candidate number (it turns out that I do not, as previously suspected, have push privileges into 21.0-TrigMC, so the only way to accomplish this is via an MR, which I merged immediately and also cancelled the running of the pipeline).



[x] !13105 Update 21.0-TrigMC to 21.0.76 (opened by Oleg Kuprash)

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