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TrigMC software release coordination: PTD's logbook - page for July 2018

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  Therefore each MR will only appear once in the log, under the date of the day when I first became aware of it.
Requests still open:


[ ] !NNNNN Title (opened by XYZ)



[ ] Release 21.5.7,Athena off 21.0-TrigMC,Athena,r2018-07-29T2139 (requested by John Baines)
[x] Release 21.5.7,Athena off 21.0-TrigMC,Athena,r2018-07-29T2139 (requested by John Baines)
  10.07am John Baines has confirmed that he would like a release made out of 21.0-TrigMC,2018-07-29T2139. (Will start working on it as soon as my meeting with Adam - now - is over.)
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  12.59pm Have now also completed: tagging the new release, and updating the release candidate number (it turns out that I do not, as previously suspected, have push privileges into 21.0-TrigMC, so the only way to accomplish this is via an MR, which I merged immediately and also cancelled the running of the pipeline).
31/7/2018 Alessandro took longer than usual to respond (it turns out that he, too, is on holiday), but after prompting he got the installation going. Informed John.


[x] !13105 Update 21.0-TrigMC to 21.0.76 (opened by Oleg Kuprash)

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