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TrigMC software release coordination: PTD's logbook - page for September 2018

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[ ] !Update 21.0-TrigMC to 21.1.41 Title (opened by Julie Kirk)
[ ] !14523 Update 21.0-TrigMC to 21.1.41 (opened by Julie Kirk)
  2.00pm Request opened yesterday, but pipeline failed; some changes were made, and pipeline is running again (started 30 mins ago).
7.15pm Pipeline has now succeeded. However Julie asked Rui Zou (on the MR page) to OK her changes, but he hasn't replied yet. Will ask them if the issue is OK, or should I wait for confirmation before merging...

7.41pm Julie replied that, even though she has not got an answer from Rui yet, she would rather we merge now. If it turns out her changes should not have been made, she can undo them (it just boils down to putting back two trigger chains that she removed) at the next TrigMC MR. Merged OK.



[x] New release out of 21.0-TrigMC 2018-09-19T2138: release/21.5.8

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